Sifu Sparks

training2-e1555289168455.jpgATMAC, LLC was founded by Sifu James Sparks. In 1984, James began his own martial arts journey after seeing The Karate Kid. Signing up at the local YMCA, he found the training hard but fun for a 7-year-old future ninja. He eventually left and began training under Master Trey. A positive role model, he encouraged his students instead of belittling them as some masters would. This early experience provided a solid foundation for Sifu Spark’s future career in martial arts.

At the age of 17, James noticed his neighbor coming home in a kung fu uniform. Interested in Kung Fu, James asked him where he trained. He was introduced to Master Isaac who taught Shaolin Kung Fu combined with practical self-defense techniques. Again he found the training exciting. Shortly after, James also began learning kickboxing under Master Jose Rodriguez.

Sifu Sparkes earned his 1st Duan (black belt) in 1999 and opened his first school in Colorado. Also, he began studying JKD under Master Gary. In 2002, he opened another school. Testing in front of the Abbott of the Shaolin Temple, Sifu Sparks earned his 2nd Duan in 2003. His Wing Chun training continued with Sifu Bart Mann and Sifu Bill Davis.

In 2004, Sifu Sparks opened his 3rd school; he later studied MMA-JKD Kali with Master Scott Pedersen. In 2008 he achieved his 3rd Duan under Master Jack Gianeella. Sifu Sparks later trained with Grandmaster Ray Parra and Sifu Stephen Fontanel, achieving his 4th Duan from Master Michelle Fanara. In 2018, Sifu Sparks achieved his 5th Dan with Elder Master Vic Morgan and Master Dave Grovner.

tak2Sifu Sparks continues his Shaolin Kung Fu training under Grandmaster Tak Wah Eng. Grandmaster Tak Wah Eng started his kung fu training over 50 yrs ago and has studied Kung-fu from Shaolin temple. His styles include Northern and Southern Shaolin, Praying mantis, Hung Gar Shaolin, Shaolin tiger and crane, Wing Chun, Tai chi, and Choy Lay Fut kung fu. Sifu Sparks always looks forward to visiting the humble Grandmaster.

What do these ranks, masters, and training experiences mean? It means receiving experienced martial arts training from a master who continues to perfect his craft. With this background, Sifu Sparks knows that finding a good martial arts school means taking the time to explore whether or not a school and its instructors are a good fit for you. We invite you to visit, try our one-week free trial, and ask questions! Also, read this article from the Bruce Lee Foundation on what to look for in a martial arts instructor.

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