Sifu Sparks

training2-e1555289168455.jpgATMAC, LLC was founded by Sifu James Sparks. In 1984, James began his own martial arts journey after seeing The Karate Kid. Signing up at the local YMCA, he found the training hard but fun for a 7-year-old future ninja. This early experience provided a solid foundation for Sifu Spark’s future career in martial arts. At 17, James started training in Kung Fu, and he also began learning kickboxing. After earning his 1st Duan (black belt) in 1999, Sifu Sparks opened his first school and advanced his training to include JKD and Wing Chun.

tak2Sifu Sparks currently holds 5th Duan and continues his Shaolin Kung Fu training under Grandmaster Tak Wah Eng. Grandmaster Tak Wah Eng started his Kung Fu training over 50 yrs ago and studied Kung-fu in the Shaolin temple. His styles include Northern and Southern Shaolin, Praying mantis, Hung Gar Shaolin, Shaolin tiger and crane, Wing Chun, Tai chi, and Choy Lay Fut kung fu. Sifu Sparks carries on Grandmaster Tak’s legacy through ATMAC.

Sifu Sparks knows that finding a good martial arts school means taking the time to explore if a school is a good fit for you. We invite you to visit, try our one-week free trial, and submit our Contact form! Also, read this article from the Bruce Lee Foundation on what to look for in a martial arts instructor.

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